Suggestions of how best to navigate and make effective use of  the Gallery.

These suggestions should aid a viewer who may be puzzled by some aspect of the Gallery.

  1. Starting:  When you click Gallery in the left column, the screen will show one of the larger-size images (i.e., larger then thumbnail size).
  2. To see the rest of the images:  Place the cursor on the right half of the image, toward the right border, and click.  The next of the 80 images on the website will appear.  If you click on the left half of the image, the screen will show the preceding image.  In this way, you can go through all 80 images in the larger size.
  3. Rows of numbers:  When the screen shows a larger-size image, rows including the numbers 1-80 appear at the bottom of the column on the left side of that screen. Note that one of those numbers will be highlit; that number identifies the image being shown.   Recalling that number will be useful to you if you want to see that image again.  Simply jot down the highlit number.  If you know the number of another image you wish to see, click on the number and that image will appear.  Also, you will need to use the proper identification number when you make an inquiry or comment about a photograph or purchase a print.
  4. Using the thumbnails:   Click on the words “Show Thumbnails” at the bottom of the left column, so that all 80 thumbnails appear.  Thumbnails facilitate your moving around the Gallery section more quickly.  Suppose you are searching for pictures of people rather than landscapes, or for agriculture, or for images you like best and want to look at more carefully.  Thumbnails point you rapidly to what you are looking for.  When you click on a thumbnail, the screen returns to the larger-size image of that thumbnail.  The left column on that screen will highlight the identification number of that image.