Sale of photographic prints

The prints shown on this website are made on archival quality color photographic paper. They are sold without mounting/matte and without frame.  Purchasers  arrange for mounting and framing as they prefer.

Prices depend entirely on the size of the print. Within any one of the size categories below, all prints have the same price. Within each category, prints of different images vary modestly in dimensions, depending on their individual ratios of length to width.  Many photos shown on the website can be printed at any of the sizes indicated in the categories.  Some photos however cannot be printed at the largest sizes.  Questions about the precise size of a print can best be handled by inquiries sent directly to the photographer (go to the "Contact" section of the website and fill out the form for communicating with the photographer).

Size Category A; Print made on 11”x14” paper               $125
Size Category B: Print made on 16”x20” paper               $175
Size Category C: Print made on 20”x24” paper               $250
Size Category D: Print made on 24”x36” paper               $450
Size Category E: Print made on 32”x40” paper               $550
Size Category F: Print made on 40”x50” paper               $800

Shipping in the U.S., per order                                        $20

Any purchaser who gives a Massachusetts address for shipping will be charged the Massachusetts sales tax.


Before going to "Shop," please read this information.  When in "Shop," you will see 81 prints with the number on each corresponding with the number on the Gallery picture.  After you decide on one or more prints, please click on the selected picture(s).  You will then select the size(s) for the print(s), and the number of copies.  At that stage, click "Purchase" and provide the information requested to complete your order. 

If you would like to purchase another print, click on "Henry Steiner" in the upper left corner of the screen, and then click "Purchase Prints" on the menu to start the process for the second purchase.

Now click "Go to Shop".


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